Proposal for NBA arena in Seattle!

By Dylan Koutsky

Is this real life?

Ever since the Sonics were robbed from us and moved to the terrible-excuse-for-a-city Oklahoma City (they weren’t even clever enough to think of a new name for their city), the emerald city has been without NBA. Yes, yes, I know the WNBA is a team of champions, but the WNBA just doesn’t have that same edge as the NBA does for me.

Seeing as basketball is the only sport I know I fully, and I truly understand, I’ve wanted a team back for some time since it just feels weird rooting for our once rivals the Portland Trail Blazers. It just doesn’t feel right.

Luckily though, my dreams may have come to fruition, as, according to multiple sources, Seattle has unveiled plans for a new NBA/NHL stadium in the SODO district in Seattle. YES!

Chris Hansen, a newly appointed god among men, is planning to purchase an NBA team and bring it back to the best city in the world: Seattle. Though the plan still has to be approved by city and county panel, Hansen is planning to construct the new stadium just south of the Safeco Field parking lot on a three-acre chunk of land that he already owns (how perfect is this!?).

That’s not even the best part: the new team at the arena would be bound to stay in Seattle for the next 30 years.

Thirty. Years.

That means if it all works out, we are guaranteed a NBA team until I’m in my mid-to-late 50’s. I can raise my children as fans of this team, which Hansen is hoping to be the Sacramento Kings. Seattle Kings sounds better anyways. And think about how many awesome things we could do with a team named the “Kings.” The fans could be known as the “Emerald Reign.”

You can read more here, here, here or really anywhere that covers sports.

Cross your fingers.

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