3D printing improves techniques

Spencer Pederson // THE WESTERN FRONT

3D printing has been producing products of all kinds for years, and now things are getting even more technical.

Most people are only familiar with the printers we use at school or at work to print documents, pictures and other random things, but not many people realize how far printing has come in the last 20 years or so.

David ten Have, CEO of 3D printing at Ponoko, was interviewed by Wired earlier this month, and he believes that 3D printers will have the ability to print computer circuit boards within the next two years.

This may come as a shock to most people who didn’t even know 3D printing existed (myself included).

3D printers today use a variety of materials to print tangible objects by layering plastics, metals, rubbers and other materials on top of each other in layers of about three-thousandths of an inch thick.

Toys, models, tools and even small planes are being produced today by 3D printers, and now on the agenda, computer circuit boards, said ten Have.

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